Cosplaying Kirigaya Kazuto from Sword Art Online


In the Sword Art Online anime franchise, one of the characters that immediately stand from the ranks of the IP’s dramatis personae is Kirigaya Kazuto, aka “Kirito.”  His intelligence, massive gaming experience, and unending determination make this character one of the most well-known protagonists in the anime and otaku universe. To those who want to cosplay him, this guide is geared up to help you portray this awesome character.

Getting Kirito’s Eyes Accurately

Aside from getting Kirito’s outfit and weapons accurately for that cosplay or convention that you plan to attend to, you should get his eye color right as doing this would give additional impact to your entire ensemble. Adding black Halloween contact lenses to your getupwould help bring out the fierceness of your character as you waltz into the cosplay event or convention that you are going to attend.


Contact Lens Purchase

Remember that you must make sure that you are purchasing your contact lenses from a reliable contact lens shop in your area. If it’s an online purchase, consider reviewing or evaluating the website first before filling up the online form. It is discouraged that you coordinate with online shops that sell Halloween contact lenses at incredibly cheaper prices. It can either be the shop is selling fake or substandard quality lenses. Things like these can cause eye damage. Consider visiting your eye doctor immediately whenever this happens to you.

Contact Lens Reminders

  • Cosplayers recommend that you apply your makeup first before putting on your contact lenses.
  • Always handle your lens with clean hands.
  • Always bring along an eyedropper or contact lens solution upon the duration of the event.
  • Remember to always change the contact lens solution in the lens containers regularly. DO NOT RECYCLE OR REUSE SOLUTIONS.

Character Portrayal

Once you have all the necessary things for your Kirito cosplay, it doesn’t really end there. It is important that you know the character’s personality and background as well. You wouldn’t want to disappoint the fans and convention attendees whenever they approach and ask you about Kirito now would you?

The following are guidelines in not only perfecting cosplaying Kirito, but other characters as well:

  1. Watch, follow, or read the series where the character is originated in (e.g. anime, manga, novel, etc.)
  2. Be sure to fully imitate the character’s personality accurately.
  3. Remember the character’s signature poses or moves.
  4. Remember the character’s favorite catchphrases or quotes.